What is the difference between Thermage treament and HIFU treatment?


Almost everyone know HIFU and Thermage . Both these two machines working well.

On skin tightening and wrinkle removal treatment. But do you know what is the difference between them? Which one is better? How to choose the best one for your beauty salon? Now we will write this article to let you know more about it.

Thermage HIFU

working principle

Thermage is a monopolar radio frequency beauty firming device. The principle is that the heat generated by electromagnetic waves acts on the skin. The energy can reach the dermis and part of the subcutaneous layer, activate skin collagen and fibers, reshape the collagen structure, and enhance skin elasticity and Reduce sagging, achieve firming, lifting and anti-wrinkle effects. The high-energy focused ultrasound HIFU directly reaches the SMAS fascia layer for lifting, tightening the facial contour, inducing the proliferation of collagen elastic fibers, and tightening the skin from the inside to the outside.
Reach the skin level Dermis Fascia
Functions Improve sagging skin Strengthen lifting and sagging
Precision level Large area of action, no focusing function Focus to the point

To be precise, due to the different principle of action, the functions of ultrasonic HIFU and Thermage are different. Ultrasonic HIFU focuses on lifting, while Thermage focus on firming.

The purpose of the ultrasonic HIFU and Thermage is the same, both of which are to improve skin aging, but there are still differences between the two.

  1. First of all, although ultrasonic scalpel lifts and improves sagging, it is different From surgical operation. It does not lift the skin, so there is no effect of smoothing wrinkles. In fact, the internal shape will change more than the surface.
  2. Thermage itself cannot improve, but it can improve the symptoms of lowered cheek position, loose mouth corners, and loose facial contours to achieve facial firmness and make it appear to have a lifting effect.
  3. In all, the ultrasonic HIFUcan lift the sagging tissue inside the skin, while Thermage can tighten the skin and reduce the swelling feeling in the muscle. Its function and mechanism are different.

So some people have asked, how to choose between the two projects of Ultrasonic HIFU and Thermage ?

Thermage: The emitted radio frequency can directly act on the dermis layer othe skin, which can better produce an effect on collagen. The high-efficiency radio frequency heat can be accurately applied to the target skin, so that the collagen fibers can shrink immediately, and the collagen can reorganize and stimulate the new skin. The collagen can reduce sagging and achieve firming and anti-wrinkle effects.

HIFU: It is to use ultrasonic energy to penetrate deeply to reach the SMAS fascia layer, produce nearly 10,000 coagulation points, generate high energy to make collagen produce immediate contraction and stimulate collagen to regenerate and reorganize to build a new collagen fiber network. Thereby strengthening the elasticity of the skin from the bottom of the skin, making the loose skin firm.

In general, Thermage and ultrasonic HIFU have their own characteristics, and the two can be combined to achieve complementary.

When the ultrasonic HIFU is operated, avoid areas with rich nerves, deeper and more accurate, and more concentrated in the rich soft tissues. Thermage can operate on the small areas with abundant nerves that the ultrasonic HIFU can not touch, so the combination of the two anti-aging can have complementary advantages.

If you are a person who are financially capable and want the best , you can choose two ways to operate jointly according to your own situation. It can reach the best result .